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Privacy Statement

As the operator of this website I would like to explain to you what kind of personal data is collected, how that data is used and processed and how you can influence the collection and processing of the data.

Hosting and Access Logs

This website is hosted by a server in Germany. The server is configured to not write any log files. This means no personal data is written to the logs when you access this website.

Secure data transfer

The data transferred between your browser and the server is encrypted using SSL.


This website does not make use of cookies.

Statistics and tracking

I do do collect page view statistics. This allows me to see data about the usage and consumption of my content. The data is hosted on the same server this website is hosted on and is not transferred to any other third party. If you have enabled the Do Not Track option of your browser, no statistics are being sent or collected.
You can have a look at the public dashboard for this site if you are interested in the data being collected.


I will save all information you send me if you contact me via E-Mail. I am doing this to be able to react on to your request.

Exercising your rights

As described above this website does collect a very limited amount of data. If you would like to exercise your right as required under the EU law to demand information or deletion and correction of that data. If you

get in touch with me.

As an ultimate means to exercise your control over your personal data, in the EU you may always file a complaint with a data protection authority. I would still prefer to first hear from you personally.

Changes to this privacy statement

I will update this privacy statement to comply to new legal requirements or to explain changes in the technical infrastructure of this website. For your new visit to this site the new privacy statement will be valid.

The responsible data controller for this website is Thomas Mair: contact information.